29 November 2011

Thermal Power Plant Advantages and Disadvantages

Thermal power plat has the following merits and demerits:
  • Fuel used is cheaper
  • Smaller space is required compared to hydro power plant
  • Economical in initial cost compared to hydro plants and running costs are less compared to gas plants or diesel plants
  • Thermal plants can be placed near load centers unlike hydro and nuclear plants. Hence transmission of power losses can be minimized
  • Thermal plants are able to respond to the load demand more effectively and supports the performance of the electrical grid
  • Steam plants can withstand for overload for certain extent

  • Higher maintenance and operational costs
  • Pollution of the atmosphere
  • Huge requirement of water 
  • Handling of coal and disposal of ash is quite difficult and requires large area
  • Gestation period (period for commissioning of plant) takes long time
  • Efficiency of thermal plant is quite less (30-35%)
  • Operational cost of thermal plant is more costlier compared to hydro and nuclear plant

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