18 November 2011

How to Prepare Technical Paper for Presentation

Technical papers preparation:

How to prepare a technical paper for paper presentation? What should be the topic of the paper for presentation? What are the resources available for preparing a technical paper? These are some of the questions when you want to start preparing a technical paper when you are a beginner.

What is Paper Presentation?

Paper presentation is the abstract of the work which you have done. The ideas what you learned, observed and discovered when you are working on a particular topic is kept on a paper.

Different Types of Papers:

Technical papers are of three types

  • Informative
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Design and Manufacture

Informative: This type of papers will explain about the general information available. For eg: Consider latest trends and technologies used in Wind Power Generation. You can collect the information from different sources and organize them accordingly and can give your suggestions, comments on the topic and can make a paper.Technical papers of this type will be given less importance than the others because the direct work involvement which you do is less. However if you add a case study of your own then the quality of the paper will be improved. For eg: Energy Conservation or Audit, you do a case study for your University or big township and give your suggestions.
Modeling and Simulation: Many software tools available for simulation and carryout the studies and before designing simulation tests will be carried out  to study the design. Simulation tests will also be carried out for existing system to determine who it behaves during different operating conditions. Choose some IEEE or other journal technical papers, pick up the topic which will suit you the best. Model the system and try to simulate in different software tools (MATLAB,PSCAD, ETAP,EMTP,PSPICE..) and if possible do the experiment in your lab and analyse the results.
Design and Manufacture: This type of papers explains about designing and manufacturing an equipment. It explains about what are your requirements, who you design the equipment and manufacture it. What is the end result. For eg: you can take up designing SMPS based on your requirement and manufacture it accordingly.
Final Advice: Refer International Journals and Magazines and choose your topic. Do something different from the parent paper (what you taken up as reference). All the Best!

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