17 June 2011

Electrical Books for competitive (PSU) exams

Electrical competitive exams such as psu exams, NTPC, BHEL, HAL, PowerGrid, ONGC, NHPC, State Power companies, Engineering services (IES) and GATE exams require proper preparation guidance inspite of the technical knowledge we possess. Proper exam preparation orient us in to certain direction to make us in synchronous with the exam pattern.
First step for preparation is to understand the syllabus for the exam. Learn the fundamentals, you cannot promise sky if you are not perfect with fundamentals. Concentrating on the major scoring areas to abtain the maximum marks. Taking coaching for exam is preferable but it is not very much important. I wrote so many exams before finally settling myself in DAE as Scientific Officer. I observed on thing in common in all exams, what is it?

All PSU exam papers contain at least 50-60% of the questions taken directly from previous IES papers,GATE papers, IAS prelims papers and some from standard books.

Books for exams:

What i suggest is
1. Buy some IES previous papers book available in market and try to solve them
2. Practice GATE exam papers ( small numerical questions and theory questions) sufficient
3. Practice IAS prelims papers
4. Objective Questions at the backside of the standard books are very important ( CL wardhwa -Power systems, JB Gupta - power systems, machines ( i remember powergrid paper directly dumped plenty questions from JB Gupta) Power electronics - Bimbhra.
5. Some objective question banks like Galgotia publicatons, JB Gupta.

For Aptitude RS Agarwal is very much sufficient. 
It will be best to have goal at early stage and start preparing rather than waiting for notification to come and start preparing.

No one is 100% perfect. Only practice makes the difference, so start preparing today. Practice hard to have confidence in the exam. 
I presented my opinions and observations in this post. If anybody contradicts with me iam sorry.

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