30 October 2010

Locations where Gas Insulated Substation is preferred

Gas Insulated Substations are preferred in the places where land requirement for the substation is difficult such as in populated areas and highly polluted areas where outdoor switchyard is not preferred. In Gas Insulated Substations all the switching electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, isolators, earth switches, and busbars are completely enclosed inside modules which are filled with SF6 gas. These modules are factory made and site assembled. Hence takes very little time for commissioning compared to air insulated substations. 

The main advantage of this  Gas Insulated Substation is because of its compact size due to high dielectric strength of the SF6 gas. And the availability and reliability of the GIS substations are more compared to air insulated substations (Faults occurring chances of Air insulated substation or conventional substations are more. Hence GIS substations are provided where high reliability of electric power is required such as nuclear plants and  and other important facilities where un interruption of power is more required.
Some of the places where Gas insulated substations are preferred are:
  • Large towns where space available is limited
  • Industrial complexes where un interruption of power is necessarily
  • Mountain regions and valleys
  • Underground substations 
  • Off-shore (On sea or lake) substations
  • HVDC transmission system terminal substations
In large cities area for commissioning an ordinary Air insulated substation is difficult because of the lack of space available. In such conditions GIS substations out rule the ordinary substation. However it is to be considered that GIS substation requires high capital cost compared to ordinary substation.
Off shore and highly polluted areas where equipment present in the outdoor will be corroded due to the pollution and saline environment. Under such case indoor GIS substation is very much helpful.

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